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    Product Development & Engineering

    Providing Superior Solutions to Help Bring Your Product to Market

    Custom Precision CNC Machining Services

    Tight Tolerance Precision Machining

    Full Service
    Sheet Metal Capabilities

    Handling All Your Sheet Metal Needs

    Algonquin Industries
    & Hi-Tech Metals

    Leaders in the Development of Cost-Efficient Solutions for Our Customers

    Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

    From prototype to production, we provide quality solutions each step in the process.

    Algonquin Industries & Hi-Tech Metals have grown to be a leaders in the development of cost-efficient solutions for our customers' products, through the use of advanced technologies in a wide range of materials. We can support orders ranging from Prototype to large Production quantities offering unlimited support and assistance to bring our customers products to market.

    Algonquin Industries services 10 major industries and has maintained an exceptional standing with our customers in both quality and on-time delivery. We are acutely aware that, as a manufacturer of precision components, what we build has a crucial role in our customers' final product. With this in mind, we strive for the highest level of excellence attainable in all aspects of our work.

    •   Design Engineering
    •   Prototype and Production Orders
    •   CNC Precision Machining
    •   CNC Turning
    •   Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    •   Laser and Punch-Press Capabilities
    •   Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
    •   Custom Racks, Enclosures & Peripherals

    Service & Capabilities

    Precision Machining and Milling

    Our CNC machining services offer the greatest degree of dimensional accuracy tolerances.

    CNC Machining Services

    Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

    State-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication machines and CNC programming make Hi-Tech Metals impossible to match when it comes to any kind of sheet metal fabrication.

    Sheet Metal Services

    Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

    The mechanical assembly and electro- mechanical assembly services we provide encompass several different industries.

    View Assemblies

    Design Engineering

    Specializing in several different software programs, our engineers possess the knowledge to bring your product from an idea to a fully functional component.

    Product Development Engineering

    Prototyping & Production

    Our engineers possess the knowledge and experience to bring your product from an idea to a fully functional component.

    Product Development Engineering

    Custom Racks & Control Boxes

    Our custom control boxes are manufactured to meet the specific requirements for each job, ensuring that the final part meets the highest quality standards.

    View Secure Solutions

    Facilities & Quality/Machining Capabilities

    Algonquin is now in three locations with exceptional quality, machining and fabrication capabilities.

    Our Facilities


    Our patented, state-of-the-art Lock-Pro Security Cabinet can be customized to accommodate your company's precise security needs.

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    Proudly Serving the following Industries







    Lab Equipment